We develop restaurants a complete online solution as their Online Point of Sale System.

  • Custom Website for Discovery
  • Easy Online Ordering
  • Built in Remarketing Suite (SMS & Email)
  • Lowest Credit Card Rates
  • Full Chargeback Fraud Protection
  • Print Materials (QR Magnets & Postcards)
  • Auto-Receipt printer

$120/Month Flat Rate

  • Online Credit Processing: 2.9% + .30 cents
  • Swipe in House Processing: 2% + .15 cents

Custom Website Template

  • We'll develop & optimize a website for your brand. (Logos & Menus included)
  • The website will have a POS System built in with Online Ordering right on your own Domain
  • Customers never leave your site to order

Built in Remarketing Suite

The Online POS system is developed with Marketing in Mind! At check-out the user will have option to add Quick Re-ORDER link to their phone for instant access to your order page

A Welcome Email will be sent to the customer ordering for the first time

A Follow up email will be sent to gather Feedback and remind customer (3 Days) after the last order. As well as Solicit Feedback & Ask for Reviews to help build social Prescence

Customers join your internal 'Subscriber' list for automated SMS & Email marketing

A customer who has stopped ordering from your restaurant for 6 weeks, automatically receive new email special

Lowest Credit Card Rates in the industry w/Full Chargeback Protection Included

Other Online POS systems may charge similar rates. Our rates include Full Protection from Fraudulent Orders.

Online Rates: 2.9% + .30

Compared to Stripe: 2.9% + .30 (on average 1% additional for chargeback protection)

*Please note we do not protect order mix-ups or quality of food issues. Credit Card protection is limited to Fraudulent / Stolen Credit Card.

Designed Print Materials

Included with POS package is QR Fridge Magnets (1,000) & Postcards (2,000) / Every 6 Months!

Automated Order Printer

As soon as a customer places an order - it instantly gets printed out on the receipt printer (unlimited copies)