Let us Create you a Website OR Plug into your existing website

We have been developing and evolving Restaurant Ordering pages for over 10 Years. What we have is a very easy to use customer friendly ordering page ā€“ which doesnā€™t require any app downloads, is friendly across all major browsers.

Receive Orders by

Tablet, Fax, Email or Any Online Browser. Optionally Lease a POS Style Receipt Printer which automatically prints and confirms orders as they come in for $20/month. Or buy your own Star Cloud Print Device

24/7 Support & Live Order Monitoring

Our live support agents are always making sure your orders are received by the restaurant automatically. If something fails on your end, our agents will call your restaurant or a back up number to support or give you the order over the phone.

Feature Packed

Control every aspect of Online Ordering

  • Pick up or Delivery settings
  • Distance & Map zones for Delivery Fees and or minimum orders
  • Coupons:
    • (Spend Amount Get $ Off)
    • (Spend Amount get % Off)
    • (Spend Amount get Item Free)
    • (Buy Item get Item Free)
    • (Buy Item Get Item 50% OFF)
  • Offer a Cash Discount

Built in Remarketing

Gaining New Customers is important. Retaining your regulars is a necessity, the system we develop for local restaurants is meant to do both.

Your regulars get instant access to your online ordering page with ONE CLICK from their device.

Emails are sent to gather feedback AND get the customer to return to you.

Online Ordering pages come with a full RE-MARKETING SUITE which includes Email Marketing, SMS marketing and QR Magnet Printing.

Payment Processing & Fraud Protection

We offer a Full Fraud Protection included ā€“ when you use our system as your merchant. 2.9% + .30 includes Processing, Payments & Protection against all chargebacks.

Optionally you can connect to your merchant and process payments using Stripe, Authorize, Braintree or any other connect you prefer.