Multiple Settings built in for Optimal E-mails

Welcome E-Mail to new customers:

Welcome a new customer using your Online Order system and gather some feedback

Follow up Email on “How we did”

Further create connection, gather feedback and generate more reviews on Search Engines and Review Sites profiles such as Yelp

Aging Customer Email

Enable the Email System to automatically email a customer who hasn't ordered in a particularly time frame. This is a way to keep your aging customers coming back, on a regular, automated basis.

Monthly Newsletter

Promote a holiday event or a current month special in a subscriber-wide email.

Build your subscriber list

Our system is designed to help your business build your Email Marketing List subliminally and automatically!

  • Opt in Forms posted on Website
  • Opt in Printed in a QR Magnet
  • Opt in Call Phone Number
  • Opt in at Check-out page of Online Ordering

We have business who have 5,000+ Subscribers and can help you reach more subscribers as well.

Compliance & Opt-Out system

We keep your system compliance and your business will have a Do Not Send list generated to manage opt outs

Easy Pricing

Stand Alone Website with Online Ordering

Includes: Website Development, Hosting, Management & SEO


Optionally add Various Marketing Services


Full Marketing Suit (Everything Included)

Includes: Website & All Add On Marketing Services (SMS, Email, Print Materials, Mailings, Fax Broadcas, etc...)

5% Per Order