Fraud Suite Built In

We have developed multiple tracking sources to attempt to discover and prevent fraud.

Online Ordering Fraud happens usually:

  • User has 'Masked' their IP Address This identifies the location of the user
  • User is using a Prepaid Phone Number or a Online Virtual Number (Voip)
  • Multiple Payment Attempts
  • Payment is made from an area not related to the users Phone Number and or Location

Our System:

Automatically & instantly screens every order for any potential fraud flags. If anything seems out of the ordinary, the order requires manual review before it gets sent to the restaurant. We have live agents 24/7 to screen these orders if stuck in our custom verify.

Fully Protected:

It still happens, no matter how good our tools are, Fraud Online Orders will go through. But, we FULLY PROTECT you and don't ever notify you if we are dealing with fraud.

* Must use our default processor (2.9% + .30) for full chargeback protection.

Please note we cannot provide chargeback protection if you are using Strip, Braintree or Authorize merchants.

Easy Pricing

Stand Alone Website with Online Ordering

Includes: Website Development, Hosting, Management & SEO


Optionally add Various Marketing Services


Full Marketing Suit (Everything Included)

Includes: Website & All Add On Marketing Services (SMS, Email, Print Materials, Mailings, Fax Broadcas, etc...)

5% Per Order