About Us

We are a small business focused Marketing and Website Development agency - creating a flexible & affordable solution to managing and maintaining online presence.

Launched in 2007 / 2008, as a Online Restaurant Dining Guide serving Staten Island and soon following nearby boroughs of NYC.

We have created a Complete Marketing Solution to help local restaurants get discovered, while helping consumers find restaurants to try. We would develop promotional specials, prix fixe dinners, lunch deals and other various promotions for events such as Superbowl, Catering and more.

As we continued to develop tools for restaurants such as Email Marketing, Search optimization, QR code look up, Online Ordering, SMS marketing, Mail Marketing to new residents.

We have created a Robust, Simple yet Effective marketing strategy for restaurants who use our service.

We have created CurrentLVL as a stand-alone marketing to be able to make our service available to all of the small local business.