What exactly is CurrentLVL? Are you a Restaurant Marketing Company?

We get this question a lot :)

The answer technically is yes because we do -  but officially it is no.

We are not a Marketing Company, we are an All-in-One solution for your restaurant, your own Website, App, Online Ordering System and 3rd party management.  

Our system gives restaurants “naturally included” marketing.  For example the website is fully Search Engine Optimized for direct keywords to your restaurant, plus surrounding keywords.  Basically if a customer is searching for your type of cuisine in your area, the site is very well optimized to be part of those results and bring that customer to you. Technically this is all natural, we do it very well, but it isn’t a marketing service that we sell - our goal here is to help customers find you, not like a traditional marketing company which goes out and tries to finds customers for you.

Our APP is also technically a marketing tool which constantly reminds customers every time they are browsing through their iPhones or Android devices. Our Online Ordering has a built-in Remarketing feature which automatically sends out emails to customers who haven’t ordered in a while.  

We are a pure service for your restaurant therefore we do not classify ourselves as a marketing company, natural included marketing is available from any other website builders as well - but we are purely focused on local restaurants, mom and pop food establishments and independently owned pizza shops.

CurrentLVL is a complete Web Solution for Restaurants (Site, App, Ordering) View Chart of all features include