How to select an Online Ordering System for my Restaurant?

So you made the decision - Now is the time to find the system that will fit your needs

Today there are 100’s providers of custom online ordering solutions and most of the systems are very similar, so how do you choose which system is best for you? Nearly all systems do the same - Allow the customer to order easily through a website or app. The customer can select where it's going or if it's a pick-up, what they would like and send this order to the your restaurant.

First decide what you need - are you looking for a complete web solution, a company that can provide everything from a-z or are you looking for just a stand alone web ordering system that you can plug and play into your existing website. You can compare our Chart Comparison of all in one vs Stand Alone and compare to it other companies for a quick glimpse.  

Free vs Paid:

When you do a search on the web you run into dozens of companies offering a “Free” solution, other companies charging startup fee’s, term commitments, pay in advance, pay monthly, transaction fee’s and many other options.  Some are gimmicks, some may be good solutions.  

We break down the list in general so you could compare quickly - we also put how we compare and are different to each solution.  


These are usually self managed, where the restaurant owner/manager has to write out their own menu and manage their own orders from their cell phone.  There is very little support if an order goes unnoticed.

- ADD-ON Fee’s to accept Credit Cards

- ADD-ON fees of auto-remarketing

- ADD-ON Fees of a Mobile APP

- ADD-ON Fees of Website

- ADD-ON Fee’s to build and update a menu

In reality your restaurant needs all of the Add-Ons to have a really good system.  Our All-In-One solution offers everything at one flat price plus it is fully managed by us.  We build your menus, update your website at anytime - our system is meant to remove the entire web headache from you. Just call us (24/7) or email us and by the next morning everything is live and ready.

Paid Systems:

Most are managed, but compare the system, make sure it is comfortable, easy to use for both the customer and the restaurant and also make sure to compare and look for the following things:

- Does the system charge extra per each transaction ?

- Do they force you to use their credit card processor ?

- Do they offer to receive orders by the most convenient method ?

- How is support in case an order goes unattended ?

- Are their contracts, term commitments, setup fee’s ?

- Is everything included that you need or are there extra charges for Websites & Apps ?

Compare everything offered to our complete package list at PRICING CHART

We created CurrentLVL after seeing a huge gap in the restaurant industry.  Some restaurants are using Third Parties, some have a website but on their website it goes to a third party portal, some have their own website but it is nowhere to be found.  Others simply do not have any web presence and the only way to find information about them is outdated national websites

We had browsed and scoured the web, put tons of research, we already knew what the restaurant's needed, we just wanted to see if it exists.  It does just from multiple companies and very confusing pricing structures with hard complicated setups.  We were already specialists in Online Ordering and Restaurant websites.  After talking to restaurants, we realized they needed an APP, even though it's not important in itself, it definitely helps constantly being on screen.

Our All-In-One solution revolves around the Online Ordering, it is definitely the main focus as everything is connected to the system including your website and app.  By already strong chance you already have a website, we can provide the ordering system independently.  There is never any contracts, never any commitments, never any cost over the one monthly payment, you can process payments directly in-house or we can connect to your processor so you could receive money directly to your bank account.  

Our Online Ordering system was originally built for a platform, therefore it is extremely easy to use for the average consumer or the very advanced web browser.  Type in address, select item, select payment and checkout.  That’s it. The customer can easily re-order a previous order, easily pull up your menu at anytime.  There are a bunch of great systems out there, but you will not find an all in one solution that specifically specializes in restaurants other than CurrentLVL.

CurrentLVL is a complete Web Solution for Restaurants (Site, App, Ordering) View Chart of all features include