What is the best way to advertise a Restaurant?

Part of our slogan we wrote “Years ago restaurants had to go out and “find” customers, Today we have to create a way for customers to “Find” the restaurants”

That statement is 100% true but we still believe in a mix of everything, especially while everyone is focused on one thing, the internet - the restaurants that stand out are still focused on traditional methods as well as the new.  

First thing most important these days (not promoting our all in one package :) but it is a great option to fulfil the full need of the web. If not CurrentLVL, then whichever company you choose, but make sure to have your own website ready and connected, updated and relevant.  Because no matter which advertising you do today - chances are the reader of your ad will still end up going to the web to do some brief research.  If you are on a budget, there are plenty of do it yourself options which will cost you some time but very little financial expenses.  There will still be basic fee’s such as domain names and hosting.  

Second most important thing (especially if you offer Delivery or Take out of any kind) is to have your own Online Ordering system.  It is included in our all in one package or stand alone option at very affordable pricing, and there is absolutely no reason for your restaurant not to have it’s own system.  These days it is no longer a want, it is really a need.  There are hundreds of companies offering your own system (ours is extremely flexible, affordable and we handle the entire setup process to keep it easy on you), but getting it into place is as much important as having seats in your dine in establishment.

With your basic foundation in place, you are ready to attract customers from all different angles.  And these days you have lots of options, all you need is a plan, basic demographics offered by most companies providing advertising and get things rolling.

Separate your marketing by focus:

Just a few examples to give you an idea of getting the best bang for your buck.

Pizza Shop can separate ads by age group:

→ 18 - 30 age groups on quick specials, wing nights deals, packages for friends, football specials and any game event deals

→ 35 - 50 age groups should focus on “Family Specials”, affordable complete dinner Packages

→ 55+ can have a focus on complete entrees for 2. (pasta, salad, bread, drink)

Italian Restaurant

→ 18 - 30 create pictures of a unique dish

→ 35 - 50 Focus on offers such as Kids eat free or Kids night, cooking party.

→ 55+ Complete dinner for 2, complimentary wine, buy 1 get 1

After you focus to hit on every age group, now you need to look for a delivery method of getting your message and promotion to the consumer of your choice.  There are multiple options in any city or town.  A local paper is great for promoting to the 55+ crowd.  Local restaurant web directories are great to promote to the general public searching for food.  Social networks are good for a specific target and the search engines are perfect to target specific searches for people searching for exactly what you offer.

Unfortunately there is no “All-in-One” marketing solution out there, but with a good plan, a good target market, you will be able to attract customers in an automated method.  And CurrentLVL all in one web package will help you connect directly with those customers and convert them into regulars.

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